[ubuntu/precise] python-django 1.3.1-1 (Accepted)

Barry Warsaw barry at canonical.com
Tue Oct 18 22:21:15 UTC 2011

python-django (1.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. It includes security updates described here:
    Closes: #641405
  * Update 01_disable_url_verify_regression_tests.diff and merge
    07_disable_url_verify_model_tests.diff into it.
  * Update patch headers to conform to DEP-3.
  * Apply patch from Steve Langasek to dynamically build the UTF-8
    locale required by the test-suite instead of build-depending on
    locales-all. Closes: #630421
  * Use "dh --with sphinxdoc" to clean up the Sphinx generated documentation
    and avoid the embedded-javascript-library lintian warning. Build-Depends
    on python-sphinx >= 1.0.7+dfsg-1 for this and also add
    ${sphinxdoc:Depends} to python-django-doc Depends field.
  * Cleanup build-dependencies now that even oldstable has python 2.5.
  * Switch to dh_python2 as python helper tool. Drop legacy files
    debian/pyversions and debian/pycompat.
  * New patch 02_disable-sources-in-sphinxdoc.diff to not generate
    the _sources directory that we used to remove manually within the rules
    file. But must be kept disabled until #641710 is fixed.
  * Properly support DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck despite the override
    of dh_auto_test.

Date: 2011-09-16 03:37:13.847049+00:00
Changed-By: lamby <chris at chris-lamb.co.uk>
Signed-By: Barry Warsaw <barry at canonical.com>
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