[ubuntu/noble-proposed] gcc-14 14-20240121-1ubuntu1 (Accepted)

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 23 23:16:50 UTC 2024

gcc-14 (14-20240121-1ubuntu1) noble; urgency=medium

  * Snapshot, taken from the trunk 20240121.

gcc-14 (14-20240121-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  * Snapshot, taken from the trunk 20240121.

  [ Matthias Klose ]
  * Update symbols files.
  * Refresh patches.
  * Drop KFreeBSD patches.
  * Drop the KFreeBSD build support.
  * Bump debhelper to v11.
  * Configure with --disable-s390-excess-float-precision for sid/trixie and
    Ubuntu noble (24.04 LTS).
  * Update the gcc-as-needed patch for loong64. Addresses: #1054469.
  * Remove the support to build ARM sf/hf multilib packages.
  * Update the variants for the amdgcn offload compiler.
  * Remove references to obsolete CPUs m32r and tilegx.
  * Add changes for hurd-amd64 (Samuel Thibault). Addresses: #1057004.
  * Don't build-depend on gdb on hurd-amd64 for now.
  * Remove the packaging bits to build gdc as a separate source package.
  * Remove the packaging bits to build gccgo as a separate source package.
  * Build the nvptx offload compiler on arm64.
  * Don't strip executables for the prerelease uploads.
  * Disable LTO builds on hurd-amd64.
  * Configure with --enable-checking=yes,extra,rtl for now.
  * Bump libgm2 soname.
  * Add support to build from a combined binutils/GCC tree.
  * Use DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS='... gcc-ice=nodump,norepro' for turning off dumping
    the preprocessed source to stdout. Addresses: #1057635.
  * Set DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS='... gcc-ice=nodump,norepro' when running the
  * Default to pie on loong64. Addresses: #1057433.
  * Bump the libphobos soname to distinguish from GCC 13 (local patch)
  * Bump the libgo soname to distinguish from GCC 13 (local patch)
  * For Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and later, switch _FORTIFY_SOURCE to 3 by default
    instead of 2 when optimization is enabled. LP: #2012440.
  * Use "arch" macros instead of "cpu" macros for control file generation.
  * Set {go,m2,rs}_no_archs macros for the generation of the control file.
  * Remove trailing whitespace in control file.
  * Build Enable LSan and TSan packages for riscv64.
  * Remove empty directory in the snapshot package. Addresses: #1060080.
  * Disable the LTO build on mips64el (requested by YunQiang Su).
  * Configure with --enable-libstdcxx-backtrace. LP: #2048233.
  * Update the testsuite-hardening patches, and apply them again.
  * Fall-back to the host crypt.h for the target, required by cross builds.
    See: #1014375.
  * Build again gccrs.
  * Update newlib to
  * Remove the support to create i586 symlinks on i386 and hurd-i386.
  * Mark *-N-for-{build,host} packages as dependency packages.
  * Don't include -Xliblto_plugin.so for dh_fixperms call.
  * debian/copyright: Update copyright years, add libgm2 and libgrust.

  [ Nicolas Boulenguez ]
  * Ada: Actually install README.gnat to the gnat-X package.
  * Ada: Remove a duplicate conditional on with_separate_gnat.
  * Ada: Stop installing unversioned symlinks to the shared libgnat.
  * Ada: Stop installing the /usr/bin/gnatgcc symbolic link.
  * Ada: Remove unversioned symbolic links to gnat tools.
  * Ada: Remove the conflict between gnat-14 and previous versions.
  * Ada: Stop searching gnatgcc in build dependencies.
  * Ada: Remove the with_separate_gnat Make variable.
  * Ada: Remove all stuff conditioned by PKGSOURCE=gnat.

  [ Helmut Grohne ]
  * Add loong64 to any_archs.
  * Always issue a build-dependency on debhelper.
  * For cross toolchain builds, add a build dependency on target binutils.
  * For cross toolchain builds, add build dependencies on the Ada, D and
    Modula-2 frontends.
  * Remove redundant sections and priorities for non-tools in the control file.
  * Remove redundant sections and priorities for tools in the control file.
  * Add support code for gcc-for-host.
    - control.m4 macro for_each_arch iterates over all known architectures and
      substitutes arch_deb (the Debian architecture name), arch_gnu (the GNU
      triplet) and arch_gnusuffix (a package name suffix encoding the
      architecture) variables.
    - The substitution variable target:suffix can be used to interpolate the
      current target architecture suffix for dependencies from the regular
      tool packages on architecture-qualified tool packages.
  * Build $triplet packages:
  * Use cross_gencontrol for *-for-host packages.
  * libgcc-s[124]: move libgcc_s.so.? to /usr for DEP17. Addresses: #1060001.
  * Add packages {cpp,gcc,g++,gfortran,gdc,gobjc,gobjc++}-N-for-{build,host}.
  * Add packages {gccgo,gnat,gm2,gccrs}-N-for-{build,host}.
  * Restrict $tool-$v-$triplet packages via ${tool}_no_archs.

Date: 2024-01-21 10:24:09.837444+00:00
Changed-By: Matthias Klose <doko at ubuntu.com>
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