[ubuntu/natty-security] unity-2d (Accepted)

Micah Gersten launchpad at micahscomputing.com
Fri Jun 15 04:38:22 UTC 2012

unity-2d ( natty-security; urgency=low

  [ Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak <lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com> ]
  * Fix issue with unity-2d sending the wrong event timestamp when closing an
    application window; This bug was exposed by a recent Firefox update which
    changed the way Firefox handled windows based on timestamps. (LP: #1010466)
    - panel/applets/appname/windowhelper.cpp

  [ Micah Gersten <micahg at ubuntu.com> ]
  * Switch back to source format 1.0 as this is in line with how the unity devs
    prefer to update their packages
    - update debian/source/format

Date: 2012-06-14 19:37:41.484422+00:00
Changed-By: Łukasz Zemczak <lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Micah Gersten <launchpad at micahscomputing.com>
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