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Thu Sep 3 17:34:31 BST 2009

Hi there.

** most importantly: will the glorious República del Perú join the Ubuntu
Global Jam?*

I surely hope so. In previous jams we have had quite a few members
participating on it, and I don't think this jam is gonna be much different.
More because now people can also help translating, which is the place where
many of them start contributing.

However, recently (almost three weeks ago) I moved to the US, so I'm now
living here and I'm facing the decision if I should leave the team for good
or if I should continue to be part of the council and help from here. Due to
the lack of time I had the past month, I'm unaware of who is planning to
participate in the Global Bug Jam. Nonetheless I'll be able to participate
under the Peruvian Team lead and try to help the team as much as possible
remotely, in both coordinating the participation and in development itself.

* How is the work in the Ubuntu High Availability team coming on? What did
you work on there? How did you get interested in it?*

I got interested in HA because of my BS thesis. My thesis was "Design of a
model to implement Highly Available Web Servers". It consisted on proposing
a Highly Available computer cluster architecture for Web Servers using
software such as Heartbeat, LVS (ipvsadm), ldirectord, DRBD, csync2. So,
before starting my mentorship with ivoks, I realized that the Ubuntu Server
Team did not support clustering packages, or at least they were not under
their list of packages they support [1]. Then I just thought, since linux
clustering is becoming much more popular between companies nowadays, Ubuntu
needs to support them, and by having good quality of clustering technologies
and packages, we'll be able to drag more people into creating clusters with
Ubuntu rather than going for other OSs.

The HA team has pretty much finished the first step, which means its
creation, inception and having the latest clustering packages based on
pacemaker/openais/corosync. The next step is to provide and integrated
cluster solution that works out of the box.

My work on the team has been doing some documentation, that unfortunately I
cant test right now, because I do not have enough resources to set the
testing environments in my new home (but this will change shortly, to try to
have it in the Ubuntu Server Guide). I've worked on the heartbeat package by
fixing a couple of single bugs, and updating the ipvsadm package that is
available in the Ubuntu-HA PPA. I've not done much after that because
upstream have made several changes to their clustering solutions and there
have been many changes that require more technical expertise, and that's why
ivoks has done all the work on the pacemaker/openais/corosync. So, as soon I
have an available test environment I'll start working on fixing bugs if any.



Andres E. Rodriguez Lazo (RoAkSoAx)
Ingeniero de Sistemas
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