application: main upload rights for xserver-xorg-video-geode

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Sep 4 07:28:29 BST 2009

Am Donnerstag, den 03.09.2009, 18:44 +0300 schrieb Martin-Éric Racine:
> For instance, the information I provided
> to become an Ubuntu member is nearly identical to the one asked now
> for this MOTU Application. Why should we need a separate template
> then?

The application template for a Contributing Developer (which is Ubuntu
membership approved by MOTU Council) is identical to the template for
per-package uploader, MOTU or core-dev.

> As for CUPS-PDF, there have been mainly two issues:
> 1) Persistent user requests to turn a printer driver into a GUI tool
> that allows selecting where to save the PDF file.  I've had to mark
> these as WONTFIX and explain how this wishlist bug simply doesn't fit
> the mandate of a printer driver. Anyhow, as Till Kampetter repeatedly
> pointed out in response, both GTK2 and QT have built-in PDF export
> functionality, which pretty much makes the request moot.
> 2) ApprArmor issues. I haven't found enough documentation on AppArmor
> to intervene. Still, it has to be said that AppArmor is poorly
> documented. However, I've been in constant contact with Martin Pitt,
> who is the main person responsible for AppArmor issues in Ubuntu.  He
> has been very helpful is solving AppArmor-specific issues and
> suggesting fixes.

There's a number of bug reports in that don't fall into
these categories and have no answer. I'm not apportioning blame, it's
just that you criticised how Ubuntu does not receive enough bug love and
that requires
"effective bug management" of the packages in question.

> I tried ages ago, but I have found that I lack the motivation to go though NM.

It just surprised me as you are maintaining these packages in Debian for
so long already. :)

Have a great day,

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