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On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 9:46 AM, Marc Deslauriers
<marc.deslauriers at> wrote:
> I, Marc Deslauriers, would like to apply for Core Developer.

Due to some issues with obtaining quorum, the MOTU Council has decided to
process this application via email.

At the last meeting, Marc was asked several questions by members of the council
who were present at the time. Here is a raw log of the discussion:

[14:31] <dholbach> [TOPIC] Marc Deslauriers' Core Dev application
[14:31] <MootBot> New Topic:  Marc Deslauriers' Core Dev application
[14:31] <highvoltage> I'll make your votes count
[14:31] <dholbach> [LINK]
[14:31] <MootBot> LINK received:
[14:31] <dholbach> mdeslaur: how are you doing? :)
[14:31] <mdeslaur> dholbach: I'm great :)
[14:31] <mdeslaur> we're releasing today!!
[14:32] <dholbach> :-)
[14:32] <mdeslaur> You can't see it, but I'm wearing a Koala suit right now
[14:32] <stgraber> highvoltage: contratz
[14:32] <jdstrand> mdeslaur: I'm imagining it to be very fuzzy
[14:32] <dholbach> mdeslaur: I'm glad you're wearing something
[14:32] <mdeslaur> hehehe
[14:32] <dholbach> soren, jpds: questions?
[14:33] <dholbach> mdeslaur: what is your primary interest in Ubuntu
development apart from general security?
[14:33] <dholbach> mdeslaur: are there contributors for the qa
regressions tests?
[14:34] <soren> dholbach: No, I know what I'm voting :)
[14:34] <jpds> I'm with soren.
[14:34] <mdeslaur> dholbach: well, I would like to start working on
extending my security involvement to authentication, and desktop
[14:35] <mdeslaur> dholbach: the QA team contributes also to the
regression tests
[14:35] <mdeslaur> ah, of course, to make Ubuntu better in general,
not just from the security side
[14:35] <dholbach> mdeslaur: it strikes me as an area that should get
many more people contributing to it
[14:36] <dholbach> any idea how we get the word out some more?
[14:36] <dholbach> should it be easy enough to contribute?
[14:36] <mdeslaur> dholbach: well, regression testing is not something
that people generally like to do. Although we ask the community when
they submit security patches to test and possibly write qa testing
scripts, I unfortunately have not seen any go by.
[14:37] <dholbach> is it too hard to write those tests?
[14:38] <mdeslaur> dholbach: not really, they are simple python-unit
scripts. sbeattie did an excellent tutorial on them on irc the other
[14:38] <dholbach> maybe somebody could blog about it again or bring
it up in some kind of tutorial / irc session again
[14:38] <mdeslaur> dholbach: I think the priority right now is to get
people more involved in actually producing security updates for
universe packages
[14:38] <dholbach> it's just too awesome to not put some more work into it :)
[14:38] <dholbach> ok
[14:39] <mdeslaur> dholbach: that seems to be the area that I think we
could sum up some interest
[14:39] <mhall119|work> are there script templates?
[14:39] <mhall119|work> that might help
[14:39] <dholbach> mdeslaur: let's chat about that outside the meeting
some - maybe at UDS over a beer :)
[14:39] <dholbach> alright, I'm done with questions myself
[14:39] <mdeslaur> dholbach: that sounds good :)
[14:40] <dholbach> soren, jpds: shall we "vote provisionally" and ask
the others to weigh in via mail to speed this up?
[14:40] <mdeslaur> mhall119|work: there is a template for starting a
new script, and the existing scripts are simple to understand
[14:40] <soren> dholbach: I'm confused. I thought you said we were quorate?
[14:41] <dholbach> soren: nhandler left in the meantime
[14:41] <soren> dholbach: I thought he left just before we voted on
[14:41] <soren> Ah, I see now.
[14:41] <dholbach> soren: nhandler still participated in that vote
[14:41] <soren> Yes, I thought he left right before. Ok.
[14:42] <soren> Errr... Yeah, I guess we can just vote here and let
the others do it over e-mail.
[14:42] <dholbach> soren, jpds: opinions? leave everything to be voted
on the ML or "collect our votes here already"?
[14:42] <soren> Actually.
[14:42] <soren> ..
[14:42] <soren> Let's do it over e-mail.
[14:42] <dholbach> ok
[14:42] <soren> We can all just send our votes straight away.
[14:42] <dholbach> thanks mdeslaur for your understanding
[14:42] <mdeslaur> dholbach: no problem!
[14:42] <dholbach> soren: can you take care of Marc's application?
[14:42] <soren> It seems simpler to have it all in onve place.
[14:42] <dholbach> I'm happy to process Jonathan's
[14:43] <dholbach> soren: just a piece of log or something, so the
other's know what we talked about
[14:44] <dholbach> soren: happy with that? :)
[14:44] <soren> Sure.
[14:44] <dholbach> fantastic
[14:44] <dholbach> thanks a lot everybody

At this point, any council members who have further questions for Marc should
send them in as soon as possible. Votes can also be sent in at this time.

Nathan Handler
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