Tribes and their demise

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Tue Nov 3 11:53:50 GMT 2009

Note: I sent this last night with TB and DMB not on the distro list.  That 
was, in retrospect, an error, so here goes again.

> On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 6:12 PM, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at> wrote:
>> Hi folks
>> Given the concerns expressed in a thread about the extension of terms
>> for
>> some MC folks, I thought it best to articulate the current plan as I
>> understand it w.r.t. MOTU and the MOTU Council, and the Developer
>> Membership
>> Boards.
> Thanks for this - however I think that probably the concerns have been
> expressed also by the MOTU team generally so it seems to be worthwhile
> to send the email to ubuntu-motu as well. What do you think?
> Also, I think concrete details would probably be helpful. So for
> example, I think you should include a link to
> (assuming
> that is the relevant spec page).

If that is not the correct page, it's in the ball park and reading it
again got me thinking about the archive reorganization and why I am
uncomfortable with aspects of it.

There has been, off and on, discussion about how the Ubuntu community is a
federation of tribes with varying degrees of overlapping membership and
different types of relationships among the tribes.  In this sense, I
consider myself a member of the Kubuntu tribe, the Ubuntu Server tribe,
the MOTU tribe, and the release management tribe.  The MOTU tribe is the
one that brought me into the Ubuntu community almost three years ago.

It's quite clear that the MOTU tribe has no future.  I'm unhappy about
this and don't understand why this has to be.

Today I discovered that a month ago was edited to remove all
mention of motu-sru.  I have the impression (but am not certain) that
motu-sru members didn't know either.  Today, by the process as writing, can approve a stable release upload
to Karmic Universe, but can not. 
They have certainly been approving uploads and we have been asking them to
do it.  What's going on with this?

I understand the goal of archive reorganization.  I do not understand why
everything that is focused on maintaining the unseeded part of the archive
is being disestablished?

Despite my involvement in a wide range of Ubuntu development activities, I
still feel like my mother tribe is going away for no good reason that I
understand (I'm not saying there isn't a good reason, just that I don't
understand it).

I would imagine that developers who are more strongly focused on MOTU will
feel this even stronger.

The notion that most of the current MOTU will have wider upload rights
under the new plan, doesn't really change this.  I've been a core-dev for
more than a year and a half, but MOTU is still very important to me.

Why can't the unseeded package set still be called Universe/Multiverse and
why can't the community lead mechanisms we've spent years establishing
continue to work in this area?

I'm assuming there is some part of the picture I am missing here, but at
least as I currently understand it, I am very uncomfortable with the
current situation.

Scott K

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