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Steve Stalcup vorian at
Fri May 29 04:22:51 BST 2009

On Thursday 28 May 2009 09:25:48 pm Emmet Hikory wrote:
>     Returning developers are encouraged to send a summary of why they
> wish to be developers again, and what plans they have for their
> near-term work.  Please send a mail to the MOTU Council list including
> those descriptions, and add yourself to the MOTU Council Meeting agenda
> for the next meeting that is convenient to you.

  You know, the Ubuntu Community is fabulous.  Having contributed a bit here 
and there, I have gained an appreciation for most every aspect of the 
community (even down to getting spam from Rosetta - which is pretty good 
considering I only know one language)  

  Like many other contributors, Ubuntu is one of my hobbies.  Developing is a 
way for me to get away from things and do some real good in the world.  I 
enjoy tackling the tough problems, whether it's two release updates at the 
same time, show stopper bugs, server issues, learning ruby, or what ever comes 
next.  For me, the things I miss are really the reason I want to be a 
developer again.  I miss reviewing new packages - and seem somehow to do one 
or two here and there.  I miss perusing through the sponsor queue, which I 
still have bookmarked.  It was real tough today when a MOTU hopeful (and 
former mentee) asked me to look at a package to sponsor, I really wanted to 
help him out.  

  I can do "my" stuff or KDE release updates and find sponsors pretty easily if 
needed.  There's only so much satisfaction in that.  I get the most 
satisfaction from helping other folks out.  Which leads to the next part of 
your email, what I plan on doing in the near-term.

* I am still working on KDE release updates - I plan on continuing :)
* Helping the Kubuntu team with some of the workload they are bringing back 
from UDS.
* Get into the sponsor queue again
* REVU'ing
* Not biting off more than I can chew - to avoid burning/freaking out again.

  There are other areas that still are of great interest me, but I think I'll 
stick with this for now. In the time I have cooled off and taken a few steps 
back, it has become very clear to me that vorian was very overextended. 

  Thanks for the consideration.
Steve Stalcup
vorian at
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