Charter for the MOTU Release Team

Emmet Hikory persia at
Wed Mar 11 16:13:06 GMT 2009

MOTU Release Team,
    The MOTU Council has previously requested that the MOTU Release team
arrange for ratification of a charter by MOTU (1, 2).  As we enter the
freezes for the Jaunty cycle, and MOTU Release is again becoming active,
we would like to again request that a charter be ratified.

    In the MOTU Release meeting of 16th February, a draft charter (3)
was presented.  Perhaps this could be introduced to MOTU generally for
approval using the agreed decision process (4)?

    Before 12:00 UTC, 18th March 2009, please let us know the expected
schedule for each of a) agreement within MOTU Release on the text to be
presented to MOTU, and b) the MOTU meeting at which the charter will be

    Thank you.



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