Minutes for MC meeting on 2009-02-25

Michael Bienia geser at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 4 15:58:56 GMT 2009

Attendees (4/4):
  - Emmet Hikory
  - Søren Hansen
  - Michael Bienia
  - Richard Johnson

  - Open applications:
    + Steve Stalcup (core-dev)
    + Jérémie Corbier (re-activation to MOTU)

  - Discussion about handling of re-applications of expired MOTUs

    The MC discusses how re-applications of expired MOTUs are handled
    with current working mode (IRC meetings). The process will stay
    slim: send an email to the MC, attend the assigned MC meeting, get
    re-activated (if no objections arise)

  - MOTU Release charter

    The MC still waits on the final version of the MC Release charter
    and will ask MOTU release about an update on its status.

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