Developer Application Board

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Tue Jul 28 15:51:11 BST 2009

>> A minor point, but I don't like the name to be honest. "Developer
>> Application Board" might confuse people to think they could go  
>> there and
>> discuss if f-spot should really replace gthumb. "Developer Membership
>> Board" (similiar to the Regional Membership Boards) might work, but I
>> guess there's more creative people than me. Also the abbreviation DAB
>> doesn't work: it's a German beer I don't like much. :-)
> I think this is a great suggestion, and support changing it to  
> Developer
> Membership Board.

I agree with Daniel that "Application" is a grossly overused verb, but  
I don't think "Developer Membership Board" is good either. You can't  
really be a "member of a developer" which is what the construct implies.

Here are some other suggestions:

- Developer Recruitment Board (or D. Recruiting Board)
- Developer Enrollment Board
- Developer Engaging Board
- Developer Triaging Board
- Developer Evaluation Board
- Developer Team Membership Board

these have slightly different meanings of course, so there's a pallet  
of options. Some of them have the acronym DEB which is perhaps  
confusing (or cute, depending on your outlook :-))


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