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Scott James Remnant scott at
Tue Jul 14 15:16:51 BST 2009

The Technical Board would like to devolve its current function of
reviewing and approving developer applications to a new Developer
Application Board.

The initial membership of this new board will be the current membership
of the Technical Board, and the Technical Board will appoint and approve
future membership.

To start with, this board will take over administration of the
ubuntu-core-dev team from the Technical Board, reviewing and approving
applications for upload rights to the "main" and "restricted"
components of Ubuntu.

Over time, the new board would like to work with the MOTU Council to
expand its membership so that it can deal with applications to the
"universe" and "multiverse" components of Ubuntu as well, or the
equivalent package sets after archive reorganisation.

The Technical Board itself will retain approval for new development

The new board will use a private mailing list to discuss applications
ensuring the confidentiality of discussion between the applicant and the
board.  This will prevent any critique from becoming a matter of public
record, which has been raised as a concern where (for example) a future
employer searches for information about an individual on the web.

Applications will be accepted by e-mail to this private mailing list in
much the same form as the wiki pages currently used by applicants today.

There will be a period of questions and discussion over e-mail with the
board, Cc'ing the applicant in their replies.  These discussions will
almost certainly also include sponsors and other third parties.  In some
rare circumstances, the board may choose to have a private discussion
about the applicant.

Approval will be by private vote amongst the board, and will be followed
up by a brief public write-up of the discussion for transparency.

This will allow future posts to the Technical Board list to be open made
public, and the board will welcome use of the list for people to ask
general questions of a technical nature or present topics for

We would invite comments from the Community Council and MOTU Council,
especially your approval or objection to the plan, by e-mail.  We intend
to review these by our next bi-weekly meeting.

on behalf of the Ubuntu Technical Board
Scott James Remnant
scott at
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