i ask you to remove that game which it calls "*ver god"

Nick Ellery nick.ellery at ubuntu.com
Fri Jul 10 06:48:43 BST 2009

Stefan Lesicnik wrote:

> The patch is 'god' as opposed to 'God'. (ie. 'god mode').  While I
> agree totally with Dustin re not caring, this patch does seem like a
> sane solution that will just make those that care happy (maybe), and
> those that dont care, well who cares.

I'm highly against applying the patch.  "God mode" is a common term used
in thousands of games.  I generally see the term used with a capital G,
and applying this patch means that every single game which with the term
God in it must be changed to, which I see as a conflict of interest.
Why, then, should any usage of the word God with a capitalized G be allowed?

> The only thing I guess we need to worry about is precedent, as we
> don't want to go through the whole archive changing stuff to suit
> individual people or groups. Although, like removals this would be
> done on a case by case / bug report basis. Even better if the offended
> party would provide the patch.

Yes, I see applying the patch as something which could bring a wave of
"spelling corrections" which certain beliefs favour.

>> If the game is offensive to him, nobody is denying him the right to
>> remove it from him system (or not installing it at all).

Right, and this is what should have happened in the first place.  I
don't see anyone who does not believe in any god complaining about the
many bible applications around, and I'm certain there are many.

Nick Ellery
Ubuntu MOTU Developer

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