MOTU Council group administration reporting

Emmet Hikory persia at
Thu Jan 29 07:11:48 GMT 2009

Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> According to the mail referenced in the removal message (at least,
> that's what I presume it is):
> "Unfortunately, I'm rather busy at the moment and won't be able to
> contribute much for this (and I'm afraid also next) release, certainly
> not as a motu-release member. Please remove me from the team, if any
> volunteer want to step in to fill the post please do so.
> Cheers,
> norsetto"

    Yes, indeed, the quoted email (1)  was precisely the reason for
removal.  The confirmation reply (2) for the action is available in the
archives:, and the MOTU Leaders Wiki page (3) was updated to match
current LP membership shortly thereafter. (including a couple other
changes that appeared to have been previously overlooked).

    Separately, this raises a question: for those groups for which MOTU
Council is the administrator, but for which MOTU Council does not
directly manage the selection process, should there be more robust

    I'd personally like to stay at the current level (email to
ubuntu-motu@, wiki update, LP update) for these sorts of positions.

    Note that in cases where the MOTU Council is acting as a delegate
for other groups (rather than just an administrator), there is also an
additional report to the group delegating responsibility (i.e. MOTU
approvals are reported to the Technical Board and Membership approvals
are reported to the Community Council).



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