Core Developer application for Michael Casadevall (NCommander/sonicmctails)

Michael Bienia michael at
Thu Feb 5 13:18:08 GMT 2009

On 2009-02-05 10:17:45 +0100, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> Emmet Hikory wrote:
> >     Given the discussions surrounding ArchiveReorganisation, I don't
> > believe there is any point in reapplying for core-dev in a couple
> > months, making this an unsuitable recommendation, although I'm not
> > entirely comfortable ignoring the current feedback in light of my
> > expectations surrounding this transition.
> I don't understand this. TTBOMK, the ArchiveReorganisation will be specially
> useful for people concentration in one specific set of packages (e.g. people
> working on the server, or KDE, or GNOME...), but there will be still be a
> ~ubuntu-core-dev group that can upload any package in the archive.

The current plan is to merge ~motu and ~core-dev into a single group
which can upload to the whole archive (except some very small set of
critical packages).


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