Transferring the delegation of Ubuntu Membership for development activities from the MOTU Council to the Developer Membership Board

Emmet Hikory persia at
Wed Dec 23 17:35:34 GMT 2009

Community Council Members,
    Previously the Community Council has delegated the granting of
Ubuntu Membership for those whose contributions are primarily
development related to the MOTU Council.  With the introduction of the
Developer Membership Board, it seems appropriate to transfer this
delegation from the MOTU Council to the Developer Membership Board, to
better recognise membership-worthy development contributions that are
not focused in the universe component (the traditional area of
responsibility for MOTU).  This issue was raised at the last Developer
Membership Board meeting (1), with apparent consensus from present
members of the DMB.  The last few MOTU Council meetings have not been
held pending discussions regarding the role of the MOTU Council in the
presence of the DMB, but unofficial discussion has not included any
explicit dissension.

    As this matter is an explicit delegation by the Community Council,
I would like to ask that the appropriate body to whom to delegate the
administration of the ~universe-contributors team on Launchpad,
representing Contributing Developers to Ubuntu, and itself a member of
the ~ubuntumembers team on Launchpad be reviewed.  My personal thought
is that it would be appropriate to transfer this delegation to the
Developer Membership Board shortly after the conclusion of the
upcoming DMB selection process, but this does not represent the
official position of any of the affected bodies.

    Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

1: Minutes at


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