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Andres Rodriguez andreserl at
Mon Aug 24 06:48:27 BST 2009


I'm Andres Rodriguez (a.k.a RoAkSoAx). Please consider this as my
application to become an Ubuntu MOTU Developer, for the MC meeting that's
going to be held on August 27. Please see [0].

I started with Development on the Intrepid Development Cycle working with a
few merges and adding status action to init scripts. However, due to lack of
time, I was unable to continue contributing to development until the Karmic
Development Cycle where I restarted my contributions. I'm currently involved
with the Server Team and the Ubuntu High Availability Team.

Most of my recent work can be found here [1], which includes merges
(mostly), FTBFS, sync reports, etc.

I'm CCing this application to my sponsors:

Nicolas Valcarcel (nxvl)
Nick Ellery (nellery)
Anta Karamatic (ivoks)
Daniel Holbach (dholbach)
Steve Stalcup (vorian)


Andres E. Rodriguez Lazo (RoAkSoAx)
Ingeniero de Sistemas
Official Ubuntu Member
Ubuntu Counter Project - User # 17582
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