Universe Contributors Application for Stefan Lesicnik (stefanlsd)

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Thu Oct 30 23:09:21 GMT 2008

On Thu, 30 Oct 2008 23:25:41 +0200 "Stefan Lesicnik" <stefan at lsd.co.za> 
>Please also consider my application to become an UUC.
>You can find my Launchpad Page[0] and wiki page[1] for some more
>information about me.
>I was part of the mentor program with Emanuele Gentili (emgent) as my
>mentor for which I am grateful to him and the program. Thanks!
>I wrote a document on dpkg-gensymbols[2] while trying to understand
>it, which might be of assistance and can hopefully make the MOTU
>Recipes page. After attending the security session at UDW, I was
>fortunate to be able to assist on a few of the security uploads and
>jdstrand has been of great assistance and guidance.  I never quiet
>appreciated how difficult it was to package an update for something in

I recently made use of the dpkg-gensymbols page.  It is a hugely excellent 
resource on the topic.

Additionally, I've comitted an update he did for the clamav apparmor 
profile to the Ubuntu branch of the pkg-clamav Git repo on Alioth.  It will 
be in the next upload.  He jumped right in and learned about AppArmor 
profiles and produced a correct patch on the first try.

Definite plus 1 from me.

Scott K

P.S. Currently I think only packages in Main are profiled.  You might 
consider taking on profiling some 'security challenged'  packages in 
Universe for Jaunty.

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