MOTU application for Michael Casadevall (NCommander/sonicmctails)

James Westby jw+debian at
Wed Oct 22 11:26:02 BST 2008

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your application.

On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 16:47 -0400, Michael Casadevall wrote:
> I look forward to working in jaunty in helping get patches back in
> Debian from Ubuntu, and attending at UDS for Jaunty to help map out
> our future of Ubuntu. I personally would like to see better support
> for ports, especially for studio. There are a great many PowerMac G4
> and G5s that are used for studio work that Apple has decided to
> support, and I would like to help bring studio to these platforms (the
> main problem with studio is a lack of a real-time kernel for PowerPC,
> the patches exist, they simply need to migrate into the linux-ports
> kernel).
> I also would like to greatly work towards removing cruft from the
> archive, such as gtk1.2, and improving both Xfce and KDE. One of my
> largest projects in terms of general usability with Xubuntu and Xfce
> specifically is making Xfce fully syncable from Debian with the
> expection of the few Ubuntu specific patches, as well as helping any
> bug

You work on an impressive number of projects, and a breadth of interest
is admirable, and something some applicants are criticised for not 

However, I seem to see this list continually growing, is that going
to continue? Are you able to continue dedicating the time to existing
projects while taking on more?

Once you become a MOTU I expect you will come to be relied upon in
certain positions. Will you know when you have to stop taking on
new projects in order to dedicate the time to fulfil the 
responsibilities you have to older projects?



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