Upload permission for Romain Francoise for 'emacs-snapshot'

Mark Shuttleworth mark at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 8 14:47:44 BST 2008

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 11:14:57AM +0100, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
>> Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>>> For my part, I think it's completely appropriate to grant Romain access to
>>> upload these packages to universe rather than a PPA.
>> +1
> We discussed this at yesterday's technical board meeting, and decided that
> this case is sufficiently different from what we've dealt with in the past
> that further discussion with the MOTU council is appropriate.
> Adding extra ACLs for existing Ubuntu developers to upload specific packages
> in main is one thing, but in this case, the request is for someone who is
> not officially an Ubuntu developer to upload.
> This is a fairly specialized package, and it's hard to envision anything
> going particularly wrong with emacs-snapshot (given that it's intended to be
> a fast-moving snapshot of upstream), but this will set a precedent and we
> will need to be prepared to handle this case.
> I suggest we set up a conference call with the TB and the MC to discuss.
Quite happy to join that if it can be coordinated with Claire, otherwise
please just brief u-d-a on the results of the discussion and the
precedent you'd like to set.

I do agree that it runs the risk of inviting people to upload specific
packages who have specialist skills in that upstream but no insight into
the pulse and processes of Ubuntu itself. My feeling is that we should
have some standard documentation which we can provide to such
developers, and then a phone conversation or other interaction to
establish that they have got the basics understood would be sufficient
to get going.

Key issues for me would be awareness of the cycle, and awareness of our
emphasis on team and collaborative maintenance.


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