MOTU Application for Cody Somerville (cody-somerville)

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at
Thu Mar 27 16:03:50 GMT 2008

On Friday 21 March 2008, Cody A.W. Somerville wrote:
| Hello Everyone,
|  In my attempt to keep Xubuntu afloat, I've decided to finally put in my
| application for MOTU. I first started contributing to Xubuntu in September
| of 2005 by assisting with the website, wiki, documentation, and the general
| administravia required of a distribution. In January of 2007, I made my
| first upload with the assistance of Daniel Chen (crimsun) - a stable
| release update for curl. Since then, I've made a strong and sustained
| contribution to both packages in Universe and Main, taking a short break
| over the Gutsy release cycle to deal with medical issues. Over the last
| year, I've performed merges, syncs, stable release updates, security
| uploads, corrected FTBFS, packaged new applications from scratch, fixed
| bugs, and assisted others in their endeavor to learn the tricks of the
| trade. Although the majority of my contributions have been Xubuntu related,
| I've also taken a personal interest in packaging python applications. I'm
| now a member of the Debian Python Application Packaging Team and have had
| the pleasure of contributing back to Debian.

Please do keep Xubuntu afloat. Jim Campbell will tell you that Xubuntu/Xfce is 
larger than both Gnome and KDE in Chicago, and if Xubuntu was to disappear, we 
would never hear the end of it here :)  Just keep up your rockin' work!

| I'm now currently the project lead for Xubuntu working almost independently
| on developing Xubuntu. Having a MOTU a member of the Xubuntu team is an
| asset that is required to maintain and continue to improve Xubuntu with the
| necessary momentum. I feel that I've developed, through over fifty uploads,
| the necessary skills and proficiencies to be able to make uploads to the
| Xubuntu packages and the universe archive at large. I'm a team player,
| motivated, and I'm not afraid to ask for help.

I can remember back when you first came around the community, and look at you 
now, top of the world!

| As a MOTU, I will be able to take more initiative in managing and leading
| the Xubuntu project. It'll also allow Xubuntu to be maintained with the
| necessary level of care and commitment. I further hope to get involved in
| the Ubuntu universe sponsorship queue, perform more quality assurance work,
| and increase my involvement with the MOTU community including helping
| improve MOTU infrastructure.
| Big thank you to Lionel, Jani, Daniel, and Gauvain for their previous,
| current, and hopefully future contributions to Xubuntu and patiences in
| helping me learn the ropes.
| If you have any questions, comments, or concerns then please feel free to
| contact me.

I have had the pleasure of working along side Cody now for two or more years in 
various aspects of our community. Cody has the commitment and the talent, 
therefor I am providing my support for Cody as a MOTU.


Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at
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