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Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Sat Mar 1 10:34:15 GMT 2008

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Emanuele Gentili schrieb:
> Please consider my application to become a MOTU.

I'm very happy with the very positive feedback of your sponsors and very
happy with the active role you're taking in various teams.

On the other hand I have the feeling you're rushing a bit into MOTU
membership and would benefit from contributing to the team for a very
few more weeks before you re-apply again.

You pinged several MC members about the application several times and I
know it can be a bit frustrating to have to wait for an answer or for an
upload to happen. It's just that we all work in a distributed team and
everybody has very long TODO lists. Being patient with each other is
very important.

I don't feel you're blocked on MOTU membership for your security related
work right now and hope that you're OK with the decision to contribute
just a little bit longer before you re-apply again. I'm convinced you're
going to be a good addition to the MOTU team and Ubuntu's security world.

Have a nice day,

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