motu-sru extension

Emmet Hikory persia at
Wed Jun 4 16:57:29 BST 2008

Luca Falavigna wrote:
> Cesare Tirabassi ha scritto:
> | Can I propose to extend the numbers of members in the motu-sru team to 6?
> | Unless somebody objects we can have a full team up and running again
> in no
> | time, with plenty of enthusiasts ready to process all our SRU to
> everybody's
> | satisfaction.
> Having more members is not a problem, we can speed up SRU review and
> approval phases, we just need to coordinate and adopt common procedures.
> Once new members are in place, I would like to discuss about issues we
> faced in the past, this can be done by mail/irc meeting/MOTU meeting as
> you prefer. If you want, I can write a brief summary of what has been
> done and pending open issues we need to solve, so we have something to
> work on immediately.

    I've been advised that the above represents a statement by
MOTU-SRU asking for inclusion as an alternative to the requested poll
(1).  Given that this is different to how team members have been
chosen in the past, I'd like to ask that anyone who objects to this
solution reply in the next couple days (48 hours or so).

    Also, I'd like to invite the MOTU SRU team to hold a public
meeting with the candidates as soon as possible to establish
procedures and coordination, and reduce the possibility of
organisational delays if there is a polling period.



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