My MOTU Application (Siegfried Gevatter)

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Jan 21 14:16:34 GMT 2008

On Sun, 20 Jan 2008 16:33:15 +0100 "Siegfried Gevatter (RainCT)" 
<rainct at> wrote:
>Dear MOTU Council,
>Please consider my application to become a MOTU.
>I started contributing with packaging during the early Gutsy cycle and
>have been trying to contribute to Ubuntu as much as I can since then,
>mostly working on packages in universe, but also preparing new
>revisions for some package in main form time to time. I also maintain
>a few packages in Debian (specially stuff written in Python, and
>games) and I usually forward everything I get into Ubuntu to Debian
>and/or upstream.
>This last two months I've gained a lot of confidence with packaging,
>doing most things right on the first try, and I think that becoming a
>MOTU would help improving my work flow. I also plan to join
>ubuntu-universe-sponsors and perhaps in some time join the mentoring
>Launchpad Profile:
> -
>Packages Pages:
> -
> -
>(Notice that many of my first contributions for some reason don't
>appear on my +packages page, and I'm not sure if I remembered to write
>them all down on my wiki.)
>Debian Packages:
> - (
>Wiki Page:
> -
> - Emmet Hickory (persia)
> - Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)
> - Scott Kitterman (ScottK)
> - Barry deFreese (bddebian)
> - (Others...)
>The UbuntuDevelopers wiki page recommends to highlight some
>contributions... On the Debian side, I think I'm doing quite well
>maintaining the gbrainy package, for example, and from my Ubuntu
>contributions there's for instance the debdiff on bug #175693
>which introduces many improvements and bug fixes.
+ 1 from me as well.  I don't believe I've actually done any uploads for 
him, but wanted to speak in favor of his positive attitude, hard work, and 
good integration in the community.  Good integration with debian too.

Scott K

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