MC Call minutes, Jan 16th

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Wed Jan 16 10:19:03 GMT 2008

Agenda Items:

      * Status of falcon packages. We agreed that the technical solution
        discussed on the mailing list was good and that we follow up
        with the archive admins to see if it is executed.
      * Update on Marco Rodrigues. Daniel Holbach let the MC know that
        Cesare Tirabassi and he are preparing the report with a summary
        and recommendation and will release it RSN.
      * Open Applications: Scott Ritchie, Matvey Kozhev, Scott
        Kitterman (core-dev).
      * UVF Team election. Daniel Holbach will send out a call for
        nominees. We'll set up a poll for each nominee, the five
        nominees with the most 'yes' votes will get on the team.
      * Present: Daniel Holbach, Michael Bienia, Søren Hansen.
      * Call Duration: 13 minutes.

Have a nice day,
 Your MC

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