MC Call, Feb 20th

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Fri Feb 22 13:17:57 GMT 2008

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Agenda items:
 - Open Membership Approvals: Emanuele Gentili, Bryce Harrington.
 - Emmet Hikory followed up on Jordan Mantha's proposal and asked if he
could get approval for presenting at the Community
Council meeting. Some points were clarified, it was agreed on and
presented at the CC meeting. The CC approved the request. This will
bring more clarity into the responsibilities delegated by the Community
Council and a means to recognise good contributions in the MOTU team.
 - In the light of current rejections of MOTU approval requests, we
discussed the need of clarification of - proposals of changes are being
worked on.
 - Discussion of the process for requesting someone participation
(temporarily or permanently). Agreement to review past activity and
document process to smooth such occurrences if they were to happen in
the future.
 - Attendees: Michael Bienia, Søren Hansen, Emmet Hikory, Daniel Holbach.

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