My MOTU Application

Michael Bienia michael at
Wed Feb 20 15:14:54 GMT 2008

On 2008-02-18 22:33:47 +0100, Emanuele Gentili wrote:

> I'm working to the Ubuntu Motu-Swat ,  Ubuntu Pentest Team  (I'm
> coordinator), Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Italia Developers and Ubuntu
> Hardened. My speciality is "ubuntu security" (auditing), I examined
> REVU, launchpad and and now I'm working to define Ubuntu
> Pentest team (

I'm sure you're doing a good work there and are of great help.
But I'd like to see more sponsored uploads (merges, syncs, bugfixes,
etc.) to hardy to get some more data on your skills and knowlegde of the
processes, looks a little
bit sparse.

You're on the right way to MOTU, you just need to follow it further (in
terms of more sponsored uploads).


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