MOTU Application for Nathan Handler (nhandler)

Soren Hansen soren at
Thu Dec 18 09:08:54 GMT 2008

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 05:01:54PM -0600, Nathan Handler wrote:
> > Hi, Nathan. Sorry about the long delay in handling your application.
> I was a little surprised to see this email from you in my inbox today.
> On November 28, I got an email from you saying:


> Upon closer inspection, I noticed that this message got sent only to
> me, and not to the mailing list.

Ah, that explains why I couldn't find it either :)

This just goes to show that this review process isn't quite as
deterministic as one might have hoped. :(

>> Could you give me a few examples of stuff you did in Ubuntu that
>> you're particularly proud of?
> Without a doubt, I am most proud of the help I have provided to new
> more bugs.
> > Have you packaged any new software from scratch?
> I have not packaged anything from scratch. However, after working with
> packaging are.

Ok, sounds good. +1 from me again, but this time in public :)

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