MOTU Application for Stefan Ebner (sebner)

Michael Bienia michael at
Mon Dec 1 21:35:18 GMT 2008

On 2008-11-06 21:11:46 +0100, Stefan Ebner wrote:
> Ahoi mighty MOTU-Council.

> Consider this as my official MOTU Application.

I've had some hard time to come to an conclusion about the discussion
that followed this application.

To some degree Stefan remembers me to myself before I became MOTU and I
believe Stefan will find a good balance as I did it too. Till now he had
a safety net (the sponsoring team) but after he is MOTU he'll be on his
own. So he'll be hopefully even more thorough as he already is and also
find other tasks (like sponsoring, clearing the FTBFS list, fixing unmet
deps, etc.) so he won't have time to sync whole Debian unstable :)

I'm happy to give him a +1.

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