MOTU Application for Fabien Tassin (fta)

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Sat Aug 30 17:11:09 BST 2008


On Thursday 28 August 2008 00:23:10 Fabien Tassin wrote:
> We sometimes receive contributions from the community as debdiffs posted
> in bugs. I don't remember anyone outside of the team proposing branch
> merges or reviews (with the noticable exception of extensions).
> I would love to see MOTUs contribute here, especially when we are lagging
> behind. A granted merge could serve as an ACK.
> My point is that packages with a specific home should be handled by
> the corresponding team, knowing that contributions are always welcome.

I guess that's not exactly clear yet to me: One problem with bzr as home for 
packages, that is not limited to the mozilla team, is that it can go out of 
sync with what's actually in the archive, e.g. if a MOTU would sponsor a 
debdiff. I guess partly due to this, and due to the fact that I wouldn't know 
what the right policy for uploads in regards to mozilla packages is, I was 
reluctant to not sponsor anything in this area. So what do you think is the 
right procedure in this case?


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