Universe Contributors Application for Henrik Stokseth (henrik-kabelkaos)

Henrik Stokseth hstokseth at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 10:34:07 BST 2008

Hi. Looks you could use a hand.

About me:
27 years old from Norway. Finished one bachelor and currently enrolled
in CS studies at NTNU university.
Has had software development as a hobby fow many years. Contributing to
open-source projects
every now and then. The last project I worked on was CDEmu where I did
reverse engineering and
work on parsers.

I'm well versed in C, C++, Python and shell programming, makefiles, svn,
cvs etc.
I have been using stuff like Pascal, Basic, Assembler etc. in the past.
Currently learning Java.

On Ubuntu I've helped out triaging bugs, reporting bugs, reviewing
packages, and I find it interresting.
I'd like to help out on a more permanent basis, thus I apply for
"Universe Contributor".

I haven't CCed any sponsors but feel free to ask questions. I'll be glad
to answer any.

Henrik Stokseth.

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