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On Wed Aug 6 15:28:11 BST 2008, Emmet Hickory wrote:
> Just to make sure you've caught up on the relevant documentation,
> could you share your thoughts on the activities of the various people
> and teams described by and

Hi Emmet-

I reviewed both of these wiki pages.

I was familiar with the UbuntuDevelopers page, as I had read it several
times over the past few months, in preparation for my Ubuntu Member
application, and now this MOTU application.  I edited this page in the
process of my application, clarifying the difference in the subject
line, per my confusion in this thread:

I absolutely aspire to become an Ubuntu Core Developer one day, and I
intend to establish myself as a trusted and active MOTU along the way.
Although most of my daily work involves packages in main, I will
continue to improve the packaging and code of server universe packages
in the interest of promotion of some of them to main.  Please see the
work I did on the ecryptfs-utils and opencryptoki packages.  I worked
significant patches upstream, through Debian, back into Ubuntu, in the
interest of receiving approval for their MIRs.

Regarding the MOTU Leadership page...

I think MOTU School is incredibly important, and a truly unique aspect
of this community.  I attended several sessions on packaging in February
2008, which really jump-started my entry into Ubuntu development.  I'm
certainly happy to assist with MOTU school and help others get started.

I have used REVU for the promotion of new packages into Ubuntu,
previously "ubuntu-virt", and currently "musica".  It's a very useful
tool.  (I'd love to receive mail when people comment on my packages,

It's nice to have the liasons, as interoperability and communications
with other parts of the community is clearly important.

I will say that I've subscribed the ubuntu-universe-sponsors queue to
scores of bugs with my patches, looking for sponsorship.  I don't think
I have ever actually acheived a sponsored upload in this manner.  I
continue to do this for the formality, but pinging someone in IRC is the
only manner in which I personally have solicited sponsors.



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