MOTU Application for Nicolas Valcárcel (nxvl)

Nicolas Valcarcel nvalcarcel at
Wed Aug 6 20:59:23 BST 2008


I'm Nicolas Valcárcel[0] (a.k.a. nxvl). Please consider this as my
application to become a member of the Masters of the Universe.

I've been around since hardy development cicle first working on merges,
then involved in the Server Team, and now also helping in MOTU community
and the mentoring reception team.

My recent technical work have been on the augeas package[1] packaging it
and making it ready for debian/ubuntu inclusions, also i have been
merging some packages and fixing some minor FTBFS bugs since the last
compiler flags changes[2] and packaging Config-Model for debian/ubuntu
inclusion [3] [4].

I'm CCing this application to the persons i have actively worked with,
and also my lovely sponsors, being them:
Luca Falavigna (dktrkranz)
Cesare Tirabassi (norsetto)
Emanuele Gentili (emgent)
Kees Cook (kees)
Chuck Short (zul)
Raphael Pinson (raphink)

My future plans for ubuntu is working on make it easier for people to
jump in, helping them with sponsorship, mentoring and guidance. Also in
the short term i'm working on server usability, that means having tools
for easier maintenance and configuration of services and applications.

aka nxvl
Key fingerprint = BCE4 27A0 D03E 55DE DA2D  BE06 891D 8DEE 6545 97FE
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