Universe Contributors application for James Westby (james_w)

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Sat Aug 2 11:35:32 BST 2008

James Westby wrote:
> I would like to apply to become an Ubuntu Universe Contributor.

+1 from me based on outstanding record of work as MOTU School Dean,
strong relationships with many members of the development community,
excellent sponsor feedback, extensive correct (and helpful) developer
support on IRC & mailing lists, and my personal surprise as to current
non-member status.  I'll even go so far as to say that I'm looking
forward to a MOTU application when you feel sufficiently confident
(although having a MOTU Leader not actually MOTU is a nice example
demonstrating that anyone willing to stand up and do is welcome to do
so, regardless of any official status).

> P.P.S. I am using my Canonical address for the application, which
> is not the address I normally use on the mailing lists, not
> because I think it should influence the decision, but just so that
> you have all of the facts. :-)

    Thank you for the discloure, although it's quite unnecessary:
one's employment status is not one of the factors considered for these
applications.  While those who are unemployed or employed in
environments that allow significant time to work on Ubuntu are often
more successful at joining teams sooner, this is a result of the time
available and work done, rather than due to the nature or identity of
the specific employer.


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