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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Apr 2 17:12:07 BST 2008

Stefan Potyra [2008-04-02 15:13 +0200]:
> However, you describe pretty standard packaging issues as "difficult packaging 
> task". I fail to see what's difficult with these packages and have serious 
> doubts about your packaging skills.

FWIW, the current packages might be easier (since they are now based
on Brother upstream's .debs; I don't know off-hand how they currently
look like), but the original ones (based on Brother's tarballs) where
a hell of a beast. Frankly, there were so many problems with them
(doing binary patching to get rid of /usr/local, linker problems,
fixing paths, permissions, etc.) that I estimate that the vast
majority current MOTUs would have had the same difficulties and

Those were absolutely non-standard packaging tasks.

(I don't comment on the other bits of policy discussion).


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