Core-Dev Application: Till Kamppeter

Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Wed Apr 2 14:48:00 BST 2008

Soren Hansen wrote:
> Out of pure curiosity: Till says pitti approved this. Should we consider
> removing pitti's upload rights, too?

Remove?  No - he's done lots of good work, and this looks like a 
one-off.  If this happened consistently, then pitti, like any other 
member of MOTU, probably *would* lose his upload rights, if he went 
through the resolution process, and still made consistent errors like 
this.  Just like I, or anyone else in MOTU, would.

Question him over why he did it, and suggest he doesn't do it again? 
Yes, certainly.  I'd be worried if this didn't happen - as Soren says, 
everyone makes mistakes, and reminding people the correct method of 
doing things, if they make a mistake, is often a good idea.


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