MOTU Application for Philipp Kern

Philipp Kern pkern at
Tue Sep 25 21:59:53 BST 2007

Dear MOTU council,

I hereby apply as a Master of the Universe.

I am an Ubuntu member since 2007-09-06 and a Debian Developer since
2005. For more personal details about me please see my Launchpad

I cared about my packages (mainly Gobby and dependencies) in Ubuntu
since quite a while, trying to keep them synced and suited for release.
Recently I also got more involved into Ubuntu, got a reviewer account on
REVU thanks to ajmitch[1], fixed some bugs, commented on some, got some
packages in shape and got them sponsored and occasionally helped
with bug tracking on #ubuntu-motu.

Well, I like where Ubuntu is faced to and it is already an appealing
system for desktops and less-techies than I am. As a MOTU I would try to
improve the Gnomie experience a bit more and work on the libraries

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern
Debian Developer

[1] And left some comments, although there was not much to do due to the
    upcoming release of Gutsy.
[2] And again get them sponsored as many Gnome libs are core…
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