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Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Mon Sep 24 19:35:20 BST 2007

Hi Laurent,

Am Dienstag 18 September 2007 18:20:52 schrieb Stefan Potyra:
> Since this was up to now the only feedback from any sponsor, I'm feeling
> unable to come to a positive decision right now. Laurent, can you ping your
> sponsors (again?) to send some feedback to this list please?

Since I'm not too comfortable in rating your technical ability with only the 
feedback from Daniel and Sebastien, let's try new: This time I have a 
few technical questions for you to answer:

1) What does the number of "Standards-Version" in debian/control stand for? 
When should you change it? What do you need to make sure when doing so?

2) You upgrade a library, which has the same SONAME as the current one. What 
do you need to check when upgrading the package and how? After checking, you 
find out that the SONAME upstream provided is sane. Nonetheless, the library 
has new functions added. What debhelper command should you use for this 
purpose with what argument? In which situations is not doing so harmful?

3) Is it safe to publish a modified source package together with a 
signed .changes file before you upload it to ubuntu? Is it safe after you 
uploaded it? Why/why not?

4) You want to investigate a debdiff between two versions of a package, which 
contain many changes. You're especially interested in the changes done inside 
the debian directory. How can you generate a diff with only these changes?

5) In a debian source package, there always is a file debian/control. The 
binary package also contains a control file. What is the correlation between 
these two? Why should debian/control never get modified during building?

Ok, enough questions for now.

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