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Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Thu Sep 6 19:48:49 BST 2007

Hi Travis,

Am Donnerstag 06 September 2007 11:08:10 schrieb Travis Watkins:
> Hi, time for me to make a fool out of myself. :)
> I've been hanging around for quite awhile now and thought I should get
> in on the fun. I'm mainly interested in bling-related things but I'm
> sure I'll end up poking in pretty much everywhere. I currently
> co-maintain the compiz and compiz-fusion packages with mvo and have
> helped RAOF (a little bit) with his Xgl packages. I'm CC'ing them as
> my sponsors.

Well, bling related packages usually get a huge number of bug reports, many 
which are not that easy to deal with. Hence I'm interested in what good ideas 
you have to handle these amounts of bugs.


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