Request for getting a Ubuntu Developer

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at
Tue Nov 27 22:44:44 GMT 2007


I am Till Kamppeter, manager of the OpenPrinting project at the Linux
Foundation. I am also contracted by Canonical to do work on
printing-related packages.

To simplify the processes of my Ubuntu work I like to become a Ubuntu
developer with appropriate package upload access.

I work with printing from mid 2000 on doing the printing, scanning and
digital photography stuff for Mandriva Linux, consisting of RPM
packaging all relevant software, developing the printer setup tool
printerdrake, fixing bugs, reporting bugs upstream, ... This I did up to
mid 2006 when I started at Ubuntu.

During that time I got maintainer of mid 2001,
contributed to many upstream printing projects (and got RCS write
access), like Gutenprint, ESP Ghostscript, GPL Ghostscript,
system-config-printer..., organized printing booths on the LinuxTag for
many years, given talks and tutorials about printing on numerous events.
During that time I also worked in the OpenPrinting work group to develop
standard APIs for printing. I also got in contact with most leading
printer manufacturers to help them on their driver development,
especially HP, Ricoh, Canon, Epson, Konica Minolta, Fuji Xerox, Kyocera,
Samsung, ...

 From mid 2006 on I got employed by the Free Standards Group to merge with OpenPrinting and to lead the OpenPrinting
project. Important tasks of this work are also working on the printing
part of the LSB, the development of the LSB DDK
(distribution-independent auto-downloadable printer and scanner driver
packages), the development of a common printing dialog and organizing
several printing-related conferences per year, especially the
OpenPrinting Summits where the development of all printing-related in
Linux and free software is planned.

My packaging experience covers both RPM (from Mandriva) and Debian
(Ubuntu) and also convertible LSB RPMs (LSB DDK). For Ubuntu I am
packaging all printer driver packages (HPLIP, Gutenprint, SpliX,
foo2zjs, m2300w, ...), Ghostscript, CUPS, system-config-printer,
cups-pdf, ... for more than a year now.

I have merged ESP Ghostscript with GPL Ghostscript and made the first
Debian package of that in collaboration with the Ghostscript maintainer
of Debian and this package is currently used by both Debian and Ubuntu,
also for HPLIP I established a collaboration with Debian and I have a
joint SVN repo with Mark Purcell for this package. For
system-config-printer I have a good collaboration with Tim Waugh from
Red Hat and have introduced the first working Plug'n'Print (automatic
print queue setup) for Ubuntu.

Naturally, I am also answering and triaging printing-related bug reports
  on the Launchpad and make upstream developers and printer
manufacturers aware of problems.

My Ubuntu uploads were usually sponsored by Martin Pitt, were he only
has to do the upload itself, of readily created packages done by me.

For the formal process of getting a Ubuntu developer I have already
uploaded a PGP key to the Launchpad and signed the Code of Conduct. So I
am marked as Ubuntero in the Launchpad and PPA is activated.



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