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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Nov 16 11:34:06 GMT 2007

On Fri, 16 Nov 2007 02:05:53 -0500 John Dong <jdong at> wrote:
>Dear MOTU Council,
>Please consider my application to become MOTU.
>I've been a Ubuntu user and involved with the management of UbuntuForums
>since Warty's release, and have continued to dedicate myself to the
>bettering of Ubuntu.
>I started looking into the mechanics of packaging towards the end of
>that release cycle as I started Backports as an unofficial hobby. Since
>then, Backports has integrated with Ubuntu and I continue to head the
>Backports project.
>My MOTU work initially started as fixing trivial bugs found during the
>process of backporting but grew from there to encompass more activities.
>During the Feisty release cycle I worked on introducing a new upstream
>release of x264 in coordination with MOTU Media and oversaw all of the
>reverse dependencies that needed patching and rebuilding. I'm also an
>administrator of the MOTU-P2P team and have been helping with new
>versions and backports of KTorrent for several release cycles. Recently,
>I've fixed the packaging of Azureus so that it finally works after all
>these years :).
>On a technical basis, I feel I have a solid grasp of our packaging
>technologies, policies, and processes, as long as various technical
>aspects of Ubuntu. I've been hanging around and participating in
>#ubuntu-motu and #ubuntu-devel for several years and have deeply
>benefited from the vast knowledge of our developer community. Just as
>importantly, I feel I have a strong sense of when I lack experience with
>something or don't feel I've done something right, and I won't hesitate
>to ask and make sure. I think I've had a good track record of not
>breaking stuff or doing stupid things :)
>On a community basis, I think I get along and work really well with our
>community and possess the communication skills of a good MOTU. I hope
>those whom I've had the honor to work with feel the same way. As I said
>before, I don't hesitate to ask and I definitely won't upload anything
>I'm not 100% confident about.
>After becoming MOTU, I will continue to work heavily on the MOTU-P2P
>project and enhancing our collection of peer-to-peer tools, and also
>wish to continue with enhancing our multimedia/codec stack too. I also
>will continue chasing after and fixing those pesky bugs that tend to be
>ignored for shinier work :)
>Over the time I've worked with many people and I've CC'ed a few that I
>feel would have the most first-hand experience with me:
>* Scott Kitterman
>* Andrea Veri 
>* William Grant
>* Emmet Hikory
>Again, thanks for your time and all you do for Ubuntu -- it would be an
>honor to be a part of such a great team. If any more information is
>required from me, don't hesitate to ask!
Definite +1 from me.  What John said above pretty much speaks for itself.

Scott K

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