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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Nov 12 13:25:42 GMT 2007

On Mon, 12 Nov 2007 09:33:23 +0100 Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at> wrote:
>Am Montag, den 12.11.2007, 02:41 -0500 schrieb Scott Kitterman:
>> Yes, but he chose not to ask for help and presented multiple revisions
>> that were not ready for 
>> upload.  My biggest concern from this isn't that he didn't get it right, but that he never 
>> asked for help or advice when it was clealry needed.
>> He had the option to decline.  He did not take it.  
>I'm convinced Fernando thought he was meant to do this on his own as a
>final test. He generally asks for advice if he's unsure. I had numerous
>discussions about packaging with him in the Desktop Team, Sébastien and
>Áron would surely say the same.
>Other members of the MOTU team would have had difficulties with this
>merge too. In case we're unsure about applicants, we should think of a
>different way of getting more information of the applicant's qualities.
>I appreciate that you tried to help finding out more about his skills, I
>personally just don't feel that saying "you're not ready yet" after a
>particularly complicated merge is fair.
I think you're missing my point that the purpose of the exercise wasn't technical.  Do keep in mind that while I suggested this, it was endorsed by a then member of MOTU Council.

The current members of the MC will, of course, form their own opinion and make the decision.  Personally, from this exercise I get the impression of someone who is technically sharp, but not yet sufficiently aware of his own limitations to know when to ask for help.

Good luck making your decision.

Scott K

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