Inclusion Policy for Multiverse

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Tue Nov 6 15:05:39 GMT 2007

This is a really interesting question, thanks for raising it with us.

Is the software redistributable? If so, I think it would be fine to
include it in multiverse. I've cc'd James Troup who would know if we
have ever published a policy on multiverse inclusion, and would also be
the right person to review any policy we come up with if there is not
already one in place.


Toni Ruottu wrote:
>   Hello.
> I packaged a freeware game called Progress Quest for Ubuntu.
> While Progress Quest has a very permissive license, its source
> code hasn't been made publicly available. I posted the package
> to REVU, it got reviewed and quality of packaging got verified.
> However the people on #ubuntu-motu told me that a standard
> inclusion policy for Multiverse does not yet exist, and
> inclusion of my package and a policy regarding other similar
> packages, has to be decided/created in a Technical Board
> meeting. So I am asking you to discus the matter. Please
> look at my blog post regarding the subject. I explain it all
> there in greater detail.
>   Thank you --Toni Ruottu

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