My official MOTU application

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Thu Jun 28 11:33:13 BST 2007

Hello Scott,

Am Dienstag, den 26.06.2007, 09:42 -0700 schrieb Scott Ritchie:
> My name is Scott Ritchie, and I would like to, finally, be an official
> Master of the Universe. The idea of being an MOTU was initially floated
> to me around the time the MOTU program itself started, I believe in the
> days of Hoary.

thanks for your work on Wine. I have some questions for you.

I know that your biggest interest is Wine, but as MOTU you have upload
rights to complete Universe and Multiverse. Do you have any interests
apart from Wine?

Have you been in contact with anybody apart from Stephan of the MOTU
team regarding review, sponsorship, bug fixing or anything else?

What are your plans once you're in the MOTU team?

Did you work on any other packaging already?

How much are you involved in Wine Ubuntu Bug Triage?

Have a nice day,

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