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Andrew Mitchell ajmitch at
Wed Jun 27 10:36:45 BST 2007

On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 10:09:44PM -0500, Chris Cheney wrote:
> MOTU Council Members,
>     Please consider my application to become a Master of the Universe.
> Experience with MOTU activity:
>     Gutsy: 6 packages accepted into the archive (various sponsors)
>     Details are available from
> I consider myself the primary Ubuntu maintainer of the following packages:
>     libao
>     libogg
>     libvorbis
>     pyao
>     pyogg
>     pyvorbis
>     taglib
>     vorbis-tools
> Sponsors:
>     I have had three sponsors: Kees Cook, Jonathan Riddell, and Luke
> Yelavich.
> Reason for application:
>     I need to become a MOTU before I can apply to become a core-dev
> which I need for my packages. Also, I am the new official
> maintainer.
> Ubuntu Membership:
>     I am not yet an Ubuntu member, but my application will be heard at
> the 23rd June 2007 Community Council Meeting.  Please see
> for an overview of all Ubuntu
> activities.
> I am also a Debian Developer and have been one since July 2000. I have
> maintained many packages over the years including Xiph audio, and KDE.
>     With interest in your response,
> Chris Cheney

I fully support Chris in joining the ranks of Ubuntu developers, based
on hi (copious) Debian experience, and the time he has been involved in
the Ubuntu community one way or another. While he hasn't been involved
for a long time with MOTU, he has still done a lot of work (as
expected), and I believe that we can trust him to work as a productive &
willing member of the Ubuntu community.

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