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based on feedback from Emmet, Sarah and Scott, and also on these points



On Sunday 24 June 2007 21:27:22 Daniel T. Chen wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 2007-06-20 at 23:59 -0500, Richard A. Johnson wrote:
> > I ask that you please consider the following information as input into
> > the application process to become a Master of the Universe.
> +1 based on these points:
> a)
> > During the Feisty release cycle I increased my involvement
> > and spread out to applications that weren't so Kubuntu dependent,
> > increasing my knowledge in how the other platforms tend to work.
> b)
> > During the Gutsy cycle I have become involved with the Debian KDE-Extras
> > team where I have been given access to commit to the SVN repo changes to
> > packages I help maintain and/or maintain solely. In Debian, I currently
> > maintain the KRename package and am working on getting a new embedded
> > library maintained and sponsored to help curb the issues with the Plucker
> > application.
> c)
> > build and function the way the upstream developers have planned. Recently
> > I got KMPlayer into Debian (actually going through sponsorship now).
> d)
> > been a member for over a year, created and still
> > run the ever-so-famous Ubuntu Chicago LoCo. I also enjoy writing
> > documentation and maintaining Kubuntu and KDE documentation, of which I
> > have been working on since the Dapper release. I was recently nominated
> > and approved to join the Kubuntu Community Council in which I so
> > graciously hold a seat.
> e)
> > My MOTU Plans:
> > Continue working with the great MOTUs and Core Developers helping to
> > relieve the stress that comes with the development cycle. Continue
> > helping the Kubuntu team, which has been undermanned for sometime now, as
> > well as lend a hand to the other communities as well. I have recently
> > become involved with the Derivatives team where I hope to help a bit from
> > the KDE side of things. I really enjoy working with newer people in the
> > community getting them up to speed in various aspects. I have even helped
> > a few people now with some packaging and revu'ing, and that is always
> > exciting and rewarding when it is successful. I am always open to new
> > adventures and increasing responsibility. I know when Google can't answer
> > and a MOTU can. If it is a difficult task, I know where and who to ask
> > for guidance, and would never intentionally upload a defective package.
> > If I am uncertain about a package, I will definitely go for assistance
> > and get one or two opinions before uploading.
> To summarise:
> Points (a) through (d) demonstrate due diligence in improving the Ubuntu
> base and working with upstream developers and Debian maintainers.  Point
> (e) delineates a clear plan for Ubuntu universe.
> Thanks,
> Daniel Chen

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