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Chris Cheney chris.cheney at
Sun Jun 24 04:02:05 BST 2007


I was involved with Debian from June 1998 until late 2004. I didn't
actually become a Debian Developer until July 2000 since the NM queue
was shut down for a period of about 1-1.5 years. In late 2004 I had to
start looking for a new job and ended up having to take one that
required a 2.5-3 hour commute, so I was away from home over 12 hours a
day. Between that job and other things I had to do on a daily basis I
had no time left for Debian work. Before that however I had maintained
many packages (several hundred) for Debian including KDE and was
involved in the initial AMD64 porting effort in early 2004.

I have been using Ubuntu since the Ubuntu 4.10 Preview release in
September 2004. I don't plan on stopping and as long as I have available
time I intend to help out with Ubuntu even if I am no longer employed by


Scott Kitterman wrote:
> I have no direct experience with Chris' packaging skills, but I would imagine 
> with him being a long time DD he understands packaging well and having gotten 
> several Ubuntu packages uploaded probably understands Ubuntu differences well 
> enough.  So technically, I'm guessing he'd be a +1, but don't have direct 
> experience to say.
> I think being a MOTU is also about being in the community.  I have had some 
> interaction with Chris on IRC and it seems like he is willing to work with 
> others and get along.  This is good, but it's a very little experience.
> It seems to me that the MOTU Council process was designed for community driven 
> promotion to MOTU and that this request is (for a good reason) outside that 
> normal process.  I'm glad I don't have to decide because as a community 
> driven element of Ubuntu, I don't think that the fact that Canonical hired 
> someone to do a particular job ought to drive our processes.  OTOH, I'm sure 
> Chris knows WAY more than I did about packaging when I got approved.
> Chris, are you still going to be sticking around if you aren't working for 
> Canonical anymore?
> Scott K

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