MOTU Application

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sun Jun 24 02:26:27 BST 2007

On Friday 22 June 2007 23:09, Chris Cheney wrote:
> MOTU Council Members,
>     Please consider my application to become a Master of the Universe.
> Experience with MOTU activity:
>     Gutsy: 6 packages accepted into the archive (various sponsors)
>     Details are available from
> I consider myself the primary Ubuntu maintainer of the following packages:
>     libao
>     libogg
>     libvorbis
>     pyao
>     pyogg
>     pyvorbis
>     taglib
>     vorbis-tools
> Sponsors:
>     I have had three sponsors: Kees Cook, Jonathan Riddell, and Luke
> Yelavich.
> Reason for application:
>     I need to become a MOTU before I can apply to become a core-dev
> which I need for my packages. Also, I am the new official
> maintainer.
> Ubuntu Membership:
>     I am not yet an Ubuntu member, but my application will be heard at
> the 23rd June 2007 Community Council Meeting.  Please see
> for an overview of all Ubuntu
> activities.
> I am also a Debian Developer and have been one since July 2000. I have
> maintained many packages over the years including Xiph audio, and KDE.
>     With interest in your response,
I have no direct experience with Chris' packaging skills, but I would imagine 
with him being a long time DD he understands packaging well and having gotten 
several Ubuntu packages uploaded probably understands Ubuntu differences well 
enough.  So technically, I'm guessing he'd be a +1, but don't have direct 
experience to say.

I think being a MOTU is also about being in the community.  I have had some 
interaction with Chris on IRC and it seems like he is willing to work with 
others and get along.  This is good, but it's a very little experience.

It seems to me that the MOTU Council process was designed for community driven 
promotion to MOTU and that this request is (for a good reason) outside that 
normal process.  I'm glad I don't have to decide because as a community 
driven element of Ubuntu, I don't think that the fact that Canonical hired 
someone to do a particular job ought to drive our processes.  OTOH, I'm sure 
Chris knows WAY more than I did about packaging when I got approved.

Chris, are you still going to be sticking around if you aren't working for 
Canonical anymore?

Scott K

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