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What i want to know nixternal going to give up his
self-proclaimed love of vista now?

*grins, and ducks, and runs away very quickly*


Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> A definite +1 here.
> Incidently, i doubt the rest of the sponsors are subscribed to this
> list.  Have CC'd all of those mentioned in the sponsors list, who arent
> on the MC council, or who havent replied.
> Hobbsee
> Richard A. Johnson wrote:
>> Dear MOTU Council,
>> I ask that you please consider the following information as input into the 
>> application process to become a Master of the Universe.
>> LazyWeb Locations:
>>  *
>>  *
>> Background:
>> I began my seek for MOTU membership during the Edgy release cycle by assisting 
>> other members such as Daniel T. Chen, Jonathan Riddell, Sarah Hobbs, and 
>> Brandon Holtsclaw. During the Feisty release cycle I increased my involvement 
>> and spread out to applications that weren't so Kubuntu dependent, increasing 
>> my knowledge in how the other platforms tend to work. Now it is the Gutsy 
>> release cycle, and after people like Andrew Mitchell, Sarah Hobbs, Daniel T. 
>> Chen, and Scott Kitterman stated I should apply, I have decided to officially 
>> toss in my hat.
>> During the Gutsy cycle I have become involved with the Debian KDE-Extras team 
>> where I have been given access to commit to the SVN repo changes to packages 
>> I help maintain and/or maintain solely. In Debian, I currently maintain the 
>> KRename package and am working on getting a new embedded library maintained 
>> and sponsored to help curb the issues with the Plucker application. Debian 
>> has decided to suspend building the Plucker desktop, however I have been able 
>> to use the library package I am working on to get the Plucker desktop to 
>> build and function the way the upstream developers have planned. Recently I 
>> got KMPlayer into Debian (actually going through sponsorship now).
>> Working with the many MOTUs has expanded my horizon and got me working hands 
>> on with Debian and even KDE. I have been hanging around the Ubuntu community 
>> now for a couple of years, been a member for over a year, created and still 
>> run the ever-so-famous Ubuntu Chicago LoCo. I also enjoy writing 
>> documentation and maintaining Kubuntu and KDE documentation, of which I have 
>> been working on since the Dapper release. I was recently nominated and 
>> approved to join the Kubuntu Community Council in which I so graciously hold 
>> a seat. I have been involved in various MOTU tasks and am eager to jump on a 
>> project when someone offers just to hone my skills. I don't claim direct 
>> maintainer-ship of any package as I tend to follow the Debian Maintainer 
>> Field specification, and place the Maintainer-ship into MOTU hands. This even 
>> goes for the packages I maintain in Debian.
>> Sponsors:
>> I really don't have one or two direct sponsors, as I have tended to aide 
>> others in getting merges and syncs complete. The following are just a few of 
>> the MOTUs and/or Core Developers who have sponsored a package or two for me:
>>  * Jonathan Riddell
>>  * Sarah Hobbs
>>  * Daniel T. Chen
>>  * Scott Kitterman
>>  * Emmet Hickory
>>  * Brandon Holtsclaw
>> My MOTU Plans:
>> Continue working with the great MOTUs and Core Developers helping to relieve 
>> the stress that comes with the development cycle. Continue helping the 
>> Kubuntu team, which has been undermanned for sometime now, as well as lend a 
>> hand to the other communities as well. I have recently become involved with 
>> the Derivatives team where I hope to help a bit from the KDE side of things. 
>> I really enjoy working with newer people in the community getting them up to 
>> speed in various aspects. I have even helped a few people now with some 
>> packaging and revu'ing, and that is always exciting and rewarding when it is 
>> successful. I am always open to new adventures and increasing responsibility. 
>> I know when Google can't answer and a MOTU can. If it is a difficult task, I 
>> know where and who to ask for guidance, and would never intentionally upload 
>> a defective package. If I am uncertain about a package, I will definitely go 
>> for assistance and get one or two opinions before uploading.
>> I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you 
>> shortly. Thank you!
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