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Richard A. Johnson nixternal at
Thu Jun 21 05:59:55 BST 2007

Dear MOTU Council,

I ask that you please consider the following information as input into the 
application process to become a Master of the Universe.

LazyWeb Locations:

I began my seek for MOTU membership during the Edgy release cycle by assisting 
other members such as Daniel T. Chen, Jonathan Riddell, Sarah Hobbs, and 
Brandon Holtsclaw. During the Feisty release cycle I increased my involvement 
and spread out to applications that weren't so Kubuntu dependent, increasing 
my knowledge in how the other platforms tend to work. Now it is the Gutsy 
release cycle, and after people like Andrew Mitchell, Sarah Hobbs, Daniel T. 
Chen, and Scott Kitterman stated I should apply, I have decided to officially 
toss in my hat.

During the Gutsy cycle I have become involved with the Debian KDE-Extras team 
where I have been given access to commit to the SVN repo changes to packages 
I help maintain and/or maintain solely. In Debian, I currently maintain the 
KRename package and am working on getting a new embedded library maintained 
and sponsored to help curb the issues with the Plucker application. Debian 
has decided to suspend building the Plucker desktop, however I have been able 
to use the library package I am working on to get the Plucker desktop to 
build and function the way the upstream developers have planned. Recently I 
got KMPlayer into Debian (actually going through sponsorship now).

Working with the many MOTUs has expanded my horizon and got me working hands 
on with Debian and even KDE. I have been hanging around the Ubuntu community 
now for a couple of years, been a member for over a year, created and still 
run the ever-so-famous Ubuntu Chicago LoCo. I also enjoy writing 
documentation and maintaining Kubuntu and KDE documentation, of which I have 
been working on since the Dapper release. I was recently nominated and 
approved to join the Kubuntu Community Council in which I so graciously hold 
a seat. I have been involved in various MOTU tasks and am eager to jump on a 
project when someone offers just to hone my skills. I don't claim direct 
maintainer-ship of any package as I tend to follow the Debian Maintainer 
Field specification, and place the Maintainer-ship into MOTU hands. This even 
goes for the packages I maintain in Debian.

I really don't have one or two direct sponsors, as I have tended to aide 
others in getting merges and syncs complete. The following are just a few of 
the MOTUs and/or Core Developers who have sponsored a package or two for me:
 * Jonathan Riddell
 * Sarah Hobbs
 * Daniel T. Chen
 * Scott Kitterman
 * Emmet Hickory
 * Brandon Holtsclaw

My MOTU Plans:
Continue working with the great MOTUs and Core Developers helping to relieve 
the stress that comes with the development cycle. Continue helping the 
Kubuntu team, which has been undermanned for sometime now, as well as lend a 
hand to the other communities as well. I have recently become involved with 
the Derivatives team where I hope to help a bit from the KDE side of things. 
I really enjoy working with newer people in the community getting them up to 
speed in various aspects. I have even helped a few people now with some 
packaging and revu'ing, and that is always exciting and rewarding when it is 
successful. I am always open to new adventures and increasing responsibility. 
I know when Google can't answer and a MOTU can. If it is a difficult task, I 
know where and who to ask for guidance, and would never intentionally upload 
a defective package. If I am uncertain about a package, I will definitely go 
for assistance and get one or two opinions before uploading.

I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you 
shortly. Thank you!

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at
GPG Key: 0x2E2C0124
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